RWBY Mobile Puzzle Game Announced

“Puzzle Kombat: RWBY Chibi Edition”

In partnership with Roosterteeth and EGLS Technology. Crunchyroll Games is announcing “RWBY: Crystal Quest,” a new match-three puzzle fighter mobile game based on the Rooster Teeth series “RWBY Chibi.” The game is slated to launch in late summer across mobile phones later this year.

Brady McCollum, head of global operations and international, Crunchyroll is fully aware of the love RWBY is getting within the site and has stated that “In ‘RWBY Crystal Quest,’ fans can expect much of the same, with fan-favorite characters, similar pacing, and attacks coming to life through a fast-paced, match-three format.”

With co-writer and current director of RWBY Kerry Shawcross also on board, he gives his full approval of the game by saying “We’re so excited to bring ‘RWBY Chibi’ to life with our friends at Crunchyroll Games and we can’t wait to share more with you soon.”

Our Take

Judging from the simplistic chibi art style and gameplay photos alone, it feels reminiscent of the arcade puzzle fighter classic Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo or the Puzzle Kombat portion of “MK Deception” but mixed with the gameplay style of Bejeweled which doesn’t sound like a bad idea if executed properly. The Crunchyroll site has also encouraged fans to pre-register here for future updates of the game before launch.

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