Exclusive: Greg Franklin of Six Point Harness On Producing The Animation For “30 for 30: Nature Boy” on ESPN

The most thrilling animated retelling of WWE history wasn’t on the WWE Network this year. It was on ESPN. On ESPN’s 30 for 30, the docu-series took on a more animated slant for their recent deep-dive into the 16 time World Champion Ric Flair. Yes, we’ve seen animated retellings of WWE stories before, but producers 6 Point Harness took this to another stratosphere and we wanted to find out how. As a result, we got a chance to hit up creative director Greg Franklin from 6 Point Harness to get an idea of what went into the animation production for Ric Flair’s 30 for 30. 


10 Adult Animation Shows You Forgot Existed

Since early ground-breaking shows like The Flinstones and The Simpsons began capturing adult audiences, there have been hundreds of animation series’ aiming for the broader audience. It seems like every year there is a slew of new adult cartoons released, each more obscene than the last. For every show that has reached a level of success, there are ten behind it that have floundered, or simply vanished.

There are a few short-lived series’ like The Maxx or Clone High that have managed a cult following, and will always be remembered by a dedicated few. However, there is an extensive collection of shows that failed to get more than a dozen episodes released before that proverbial plug was pulled. Let’s have a look back at ten of these shows that have been pushed out of your memory, or you had no idea existed in the first place.