Bubbleblabber’s Review System

10 Perfection:

This is like when you buy a really nice suit and you look in the mirror and say, “I’d fuck me”.

9 Awesome:

Not quite perfect, but you should watch whatever this is even if you think you’re not a fan of the franchise or are familiar with the subject matter.

8 Pretty good:

Some areas may be lacking and it may not be for everyone but is still better than most of what you get.

7 Average:

A lot of rehashed ideas or lacking in originality or execution.

6 Below average:

Maybe for die-hards of a franchise, but not much else.

5 Flawed:

There may be potential, but there’s a lot missing here.

4 Bad:

Not a quality product

3 Brutal:

Imagine getting punched in the mouth while not expecting. This one hurts.

2 Dead:

Grab the picks and the shovels, this one’s buried.

1 Battlefield Galactica