Game of Thrones Creator George R.R. Martin Comments on South Park Spoof

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George R.R. Martin, the man behind “A Song of Ice and Fire” and Game of Thrones, spared a few minutes at Comic-Con to address South Park’s threepart parody of his work.

Apparently he hasn’t seen the episode yet (already off to a good start) but nevertheless wants to set something straight. I could chop up his statement or paraphrase it to keep this article semi-profession and mature, but hey, why not just put his words out there as is:

“I’ve been told my character on South Park is obsessed with weenies,” he said. “I have to deny this scurrilous rumor. I have nothing against weenies. Weenies are fine. But I am not obsessed with weenies. I am definitely on the boobies side of the equation. They picked the wrong equation for me. Boobies, not weenies.”

For those of you counting at home, that’s five weenies and two boobies (or four, if we’re counting each mention as a set.) Martin must have really wanted to clarify this issue, given the care that was obviously put into that eloquent statement, and the fact that he chose to speak about it the topic at length instead of using the extra time to talk more about his show’s upcoming season.

If you’re looking for some Game of Thrones news: not here, buddy. That show is super lame, and I just don’t care enough to relay the info. Besides, George R.R. Martin looks like a cross between Santa Claus and an old sea captain (South Park for once actually made someone’s physical appearance look better) and as a human being he just generally creeps me out.

Plus, I heard he’s obsessed with weenies.

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