English Dub Review: Classroom of the Elite “We Should Not be Upset that Others Hide the Truth from Us, When We Hide it from Ourselves”

Don’t be upset at the first paragraph.

Ok, before diving into my Classroom of the Elite review, let me throw this out there: these episode names are a bit ridiculous. I mean, I’m getting wrist cramps just typing the title out. And you thought “Man is an Animal that Makes Bargains: No Other Animal Does This – No Dog Exchanges Bones with Another” was crazy. “We Should Not be Upset that Others Hide the Truth from Us, When We Hide it from Ourselves” opens with July, and Class D gets once again put in trouble. Sudo and three of his basketball teammates from Class C had a bit of a scuffle. Though Sudo claims he’s innocent and fought back in self-defense, his preparation leads the teacher and his classmates to believe otherwise.

It seems there’s a witness, but she’s not willing to come forth. Suzune reveals that Airi Sakura saw what happened, yet Sakura doesn’t wish to get involved. Apparently because there’s something about herself she wishes to keep a secret. Once again, there’s a lot of complexity. I appreciate the nuances which explore Sudo and how he’s viewed by his classmates. Additionally, the interpersonal relationships are pretty neat. But Kiyotaka Ayanokoji proves a bit dull. Sure, he spouts off a bunch of psdueo-philosophical mumbo jumbo, and there’s some complexity certainly, but the delivery is dreadfully morose. I suspect it’s to sound intelligent and thoughtful. Instead, he simply comes across as a moody, angsty teenager.

Classroom of the Elite is a fun series and I applaud its efforts to present weighty issues, nuance, and craft an intricate moral code at Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. Still, it’s a bit juvenile times, and feels slightly disjointed on occasion. For instance, in this episode (typing it out once was enough…), the teacher is hung over at the onset. That’s not explored at all. I’m really curious why: perhaps the students drover her to drink, or maybe she’s just a big partier. Were there any ramifications? This would appear an interesting plot thread, but it’s abandoned. That details seems stuck in haphazardly. It’s not terrible, and not a masterpiece. Instead, Classroom of the Elite is a decent middle of the road series so far, and this latest entry follows suit.


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