“Close Enough” Probably Won’t Premiere Until 2019

Wow, TBS.

TBS continues to screw up in the animation game. Almost one year to the day they decided to drop the entire season of Tarantula and not tell anybody, the network is doing similar shit with Close Enough. From what I hear, the show is done and is literally just waiting for a premiere which was rumored to happen this summer but I hear a delay went into effect due to the fact that the network was going to be going heavy on playoff MLB coverage to go along with the start of the NBA season instead.

Because of this, I’m now hearing that Close Enough will definitely premiere next year, we just don’t know when yet. A strong likelihood will be that they will premiere the series similar to how they did with Final Space i.e. weekly episodes airing after new episodes of American Dad! which returns at the end of January, however, this is just conjecture at this juncture and hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

Close Enough is a surreal take on transitioning from 20-something to 30-something. The show centers on a married couple juggling such everyday challenges as parenthood, friendship, ham theft, stripper clowns and choosing the right daycare. TBS has ordered 13 episodes to premiere.


John Schwarz

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