English Dub Review: The Duke of Death and His Maid “Loneliness and Uncertainty”



The battle with Sade begins in earnest as Zain tries to persuade her to come to the present with them.

Our Take:

If you happened to watch the live action Justice League movie do you remember the part when the Flash tries to run around behind Superman? He didn’t realize just how badass Superman was and while he was running he noticed Superman following him with his eyes. I bring that up because a moment like that happened in this episode. Zain stopped time in front of Sade a couple of times and eventually she started to figure it out. Once she did it started to break around her and her eyes started to follow Zain. I don’t know if this was a direct reference to that scene but it left me with the impression that Sade is not meant to be messed with.

Nothing Zain could say was swaying Sade into stopping her assault. I wasn’t too surprised at that because I had a feeling that this wouldn’t end until the Duke had a face to face with her. I’ve long wondered how something like that would go especially with the information we have no. Sade loved Victor and a lot of people have said how similar him and the Duke are. I hope she doesn’t fall in love with him too because that is the last thing we need this close to the finish line.