English Dub Review: The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent “Purpose”


Sei remains wary of the imperial prince, but after learning a bit more about his situation, she grows curious about what he’s doing in the country.

Our Take

This time around, the worst-kept secret is finally out of the bag, but honestly, Sei and Hawke got very creative in their ways of prying out that information from the Prince, at least now they don’t have to be wary about him. But now the real question is, what will Sei do? Will she reveal herself as the Saint or she will continue the charade?

In my opinion, this seems like a trap set by the prince to find somebody capable of creating high-grade potions single-handedly. And possibly either kidnap or convince this person to come back with him to his kingdom to solidify his power and importance as a contender for the crown.

Overall, a passable episode, even if some parts of the story irked me in places. The thing that doesn’t make sense about this arc though is, if the kingdom wants Sei’s identity to stay a secret, which it isn’t because she was formally introduced as the saint already, why would they allow a visiting delegation to go near her? Seems like some contrived drama. But luckily the Prince seems very smart and doesn’t have any bad intentions and seems legit in his desire to help, and hopefully, we can find out what he wants with Sei…