Review: Yenor “Pilot”

Featuring creators from two legendary Adult Swim series, Squidbillies (Jim Fortier) and Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Matt Maiellaro) comes a new animated comedy with Bento Box producing that follows two idiotic superintendents that are supposed to be doing their jobs in stopping a threat to their building, but instead finds a briefcase filled with money and go bananas in spending it all.

The show’s aesthetic very much hearkens back to the early days of Adult Swim, a simple stupid show in every conceivable way that made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe for a good five minutes. I mean, if you were to put Mark Proksch and Dana Snyder in a snuff film, I’d watch it with an order of Pizza Hut and smile while doing so. Add in Samuel Barnett and Connor Ratliff, two guys who typically feature in television shows 1000 times the budget of this shit, and you’ve got a dead ringer here for a potential classic quarter-hour series coming down the pike.

Ugh…give me more of the hot dog city. I needed that and I need more of this show. I keep forgetting that Matt Maiellaro is a fucking genius.