Venture Bros. Creators OUT of RapeCon (Dragon Con)

The only news we like writing about this piece of shit Con is bad news…


Man was I happy to see THIS today! Doc Hammer released a statement on his Facebook page that him and Jackson (aka the co-dudes of Venture Bros) will NOT be attending RapeCon (aka DragonCon) as instead the duo plan to take their talents to San Diego Comic Con which now confirms that both China IL AND Venture Bros. will be in attendance at San Diego Comic Con 2013. Here is the statement from Doc:

Jackson and I have no plans to attend Dragon Con this year. We are busy with Season 6, and are generally exhausted. We will, of course, be attending Comic Con in San Diego and will be doing our shitty best to look spry and rested for you. Venture fans deserve no less!

This is a great statement for a number of reasons: 1) It confirms the Doc and Jackson will be at SDCC which we mentioned before 2) Production of Season 6 of Venture Bros. is underway and from the sounds of it things sound delicious 3) That takes two MAJOR names out of the Con that pedophiles built. Here’s hoping anyone reading this will also kindly not go to Dragon Con as we’ve covered in the past that organizers are using funds from said Con to help keep a degenerate fat fuck out of prison for child molestation charges. See ya in the shitter DragonCon! Looking forward to seeing you guys perish!

In the meantime, Venture Bros’ already stellar fifth season is still underway with a new episode set to air this Sunday Night @ Midnight EST on Adult Swim, check your local listings and our recent interview with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick of whom talk about the new season, the Shirt Club, and more!


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