People have been threatening those behind the boycott of DragonCon…Challenge Accepted

The organizers for Dragon Con have a statement lined up, too. We decide to pick it apart and analyze it.


You may remember that a few months ago we put up a press release joining up with other major outlets in the boycott of attending DragonCon aka RapeCon set to happen this fall in Atlanta. Well, as it turns out some of the organizers of the boycott have been getting threats and then the Dragon Con Facebook page put out a statement. Analysis down below!

Over the last several weeks, we have been thrilled with the outpouring of support for Dragon*Con this year. We have the very best fans in the world! 

This, my fair readers, is called a setup. Its meant to put down a pillow before they smack you over the head with whatever these guys are going to say:

At the same time, we have also been alerted to a small number of instances in which our fans, while expressing their support for us in online forums, have also wished harm to the organizer of a Dragon*Con boycott.

That’s right! Dragon Con organizers troll the forums!! So how do we know whether or not the threats aren’t coming from the organizers?? These guys have invested a bunch of money in RapeCon, so its understandable they would be upset when big names in the industry start picketing online about where the profits go. I haven’t heard of any organizers getting specific threats and I sure as hell know I’m not getting any because if I were I’d post their IP addresses online for the world to see. But, here is the REAL kicker!

Though we do not deserve this boycott, we also cannot condone personal attacks. 

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? You don’t deserve this boycott?? Ed fucking Kramer, was arrested in 2000 in fucking Georgia on THREE counts of child molestation on two boys. Ed Kramer owns a 31% stake in Dragon Con, ergo WHATEVER revenue the Con makes, Ed is getting a piece. The only reason he hasn’t been tried is because Ed Kramer is a fat piece of shit that can barely stand nor breathe without probably some sort of breathing apparatus. Then in Georgia’s infinite wisdom, someone thought it’d be a great idea to let Ed out…why?? SO THAT IN 2011 HE CAN GET ARRESTED DOING IT AGAIN! Yea…Ed Kramer was arrested in Connecticut with a 14 year old in his fucking hotel room!!! How is this not deserving of a boycott??  This is a repeat sex offender that should be thrown in jail, instead he will profit from fans attending RapeCon 2013 and be able to pay his probably ridiculous court fees. If you guys want proof the justice system is broken…THIS IS IT!

While management continues to work hard to resolve the core issue,

Really?? How are you doing that??? Dragon Con should have been shut the fuck down. If the organizers really gave a shit, they can always bring back another Con in Atlanta and call it something else and leave Ed out from being a part of it. Instead??? They put up a charade that they are trying to squeeze Ed out as he faces the slab! You guys aren’t working hard enough that’s for sure. Its ironic that you guys have the Ghost Hunters coming to your Con. Maybe you should have sent T.A.P.S. to investigate Ed Kramer’s arrest sheet before you go into business with him…DOOOOY!!!

           We urge our fans to show their support for Dragon*Con in a positive and constructive way.

You RapeCon organizers lead by example of leading in a positive way. Taking profits so that you can pay the court fees of a fucking felon. I want to be in attendance when this guy Ed gets the chair or the needle, or hell he should get a pack of rabid dogs to shit all over his rotting corpse.

          We are an immensely creative and fun-loving people. Let the debate reflect that.

I will let the debate reflect this the same fucking day you guys acknowledge that you are using customer profits in the support of a tried pedo and instead of being adults about it you guys get all pissy when the industry finds out about it and calls you out over it.  There is no debate, none what so ever.

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