BUBBLEBLABBER supports boycotting of DragonCon

BUBBLEBLABBER supports boycotting of DragonCon


Ross Lincoln over at Deadline.com did a fabulous piece on how a lot of the industry elite will be boycotting DragonCon as its a Con that takes profits and lines the pockets of almost convicted pedophile Ed Kramer so that he can pay his court fees for his defense. That’s right. If you or someone you know goes to DragonCon, they are supporting pedos. Famed author Nancy Collins and Transformers producer Don Murphy are the just a few of the names supporting this cause and now you can add one more to the list…Bubbleblabber!

Effective immediately, we here at Bubbleblabber will never set foot at DragonCon nor will we write ANY articles in regards to the convention. We actually hinted at this change last year, but now it is official. We here at Bubbleblabber pride ourselves in being one of the premier sources of news, reviews, and interviews for animation most specifically those geared towards adults or prime-time/late-night audiences. We absolutely are blown away by the number of hits and readers we get every month as we seem to increase traffic numbers in spades and are slowly but surely destroying the competition in doing so.

That said, we can not stand by and do nothing while crime goes unpunished and as a result, we here at Bubbleblabber have one thing to say to DragonCon…See you in hell!

Thanks for sticking with us!

John Blabber


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