“She-Hulk’s” Favorite Animated Series “South Park” Touted By HBO MAX In New Sizzle Reel


She-Hulk writer Dana Schwartz made a big guff on Twitter the other day after claiming that South Park has caused immeasurable cultural damage. And while the young writer has no real scientific evidence to bag this up and is instead the same talking point used against the series from the likes of religious right organization and extreme political correctness movements that have been trying to censor content for decades, there are many millions of viewers out there that could argue that at the end of the day…South Park is a cartoon. In fact, Joe Mantegna said this same thing the other day when asked about Hank Azaria potentially dropping the “Apu” character.

In any event, HBO MAX must know something because they shelled out a half a billion dollars to the streaming rights of the Peabody-winning series and are advertising just that as part of a new sizzle reel for the upcoming streaming service that will also feature the likes of The Boondocks, Close Enough, and a litany of other animated series from Adult Swim that I’m sure Dana will eventually get to blaming for whatever other social problems arise. Hell, maybe Dana would be more interested in checking out a female-fronted series like Harley Quinn, a dirty adult animated series like South Park, that even convinced Margot Robbie that the show wouldn’t interfere with the success of Birds of Prey which, as of this writing, was able to bomb out just fine on it’s own.


John Schwarz

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