Review: RWBY “Seeing Red

Getting over you.


The last parts of both the mecha showdown and the two vs one come to an end.

Our Take:

More importantly than Cordovin’s fight is the climax between Adam vs Blake and Yang. Adam is of course, up to his same old tricks, painting Blake in a light that makes it seem like she is untrustworthy. After all, to Adam, Blake had promised that she would be by his side, and that was to him, unconditional. It didn’t matter what Blake felt about his decisions, or even if she had objections because she had promised to be with him. Adam still feels like she betrayed him on that front, not realizing it was the fact that he had changed that made Blake turn away from him.

At the same time, Yang sees through all of Adam’s posturing. Despite this, she’s not completely invulnerable. Adam may not have tormented her with mind games before, but he does create the very real trauma that comes from having chopped off Yang’s arm. Even if Yang has herself more put together than Blake is, understandably, there are still times when her trauma resurfaces.

Adam meets his end skewered by Blake’s blades, one held by Blake and the other held by Yang. He is apart from his sword, and he has no allies by his side. A fitting end. When he tumbles over the waterfall to his death, he is alone. At the same time, while it’s clear Adam was severely wounded, it’s debatable whether he’d stay dead. There’s nothing left for him to do story arc wise, but people staying dead in RWBY tends to be 50/50. They could bring him back, but I think it’s better if he stays dead. It would be much more meaningful that way.

Of course, even with a victory comes a greater struggle. While Cordovin might have been taken down, just in time comes a horde of Grimm and a giant Grimm kaiju, a Leviathan. Such monstrous Grimm is exactly the kind of thing Cordovin’s mecha is designed to repel, and now that mecha is disabled and in no shape for battle. Not all hope is lost, for there is always Ruby’s silver eyes, which this season has been shaping up for her to hone, or at least start using semi-frequently. The last time she used them was at Beacon when she was under great stress, but perhaps this time will be different. Perhaps.


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