Bad luck for the window to Corner Gas as it keeps getting broken. Though it does give Wanda the idea of a drive-thru, and Hank the idea of a drive-in movie night.

It is a special viewing of Quick and Angry 9 for Dog River, and everyone shows up. Wanda tries to sell snacks while paying attention and ends the night by being tasered. Karen and Davis try to establish dominance. And Brent catches his parents in the act.

Meanwhile, Lacey inadvertently fat shames Brent. Which leads to Brent doing a little fat-shaming-shaming. But the playing around may become a bit too bloated.


Our Take:

The penultimate episode of season three of Corner Gas Animated features some exceptional moments. An impromptu movie night in Dog River leads an original story for the series. It always makes for a fun and entertaining episode when all the characters come together for a special event.

There were highlights throughout the 22-minutes. The interaction between Karen and Davis subtlety delivered some of the most comedic moments with their attempting to establish dominance to reinvigorate appreciation for police. 

Brent has a rough day going from getting weighed on a grain elevator scale in front of a crowd to catching his parents in an embracive moment. And the episode is decorated with broken windows, Fast and the Furious parodies, and Wanda getting tasered.

Brent and Lacey have one of their more dynamic interactions diving into the topic of his weight. The fat shame to fat shame-shaming gets the perfect outcome when Brent gets more than he bargained for. It is all fun and games until Brent gets his feelings hurt.

The legendary actress Andrea Martin makes a cameo appearance. Her delivery for a product-commercial jingle was spot on, and she followed it up with some solid comedic lines. It is a great moment for a wonderful actress.

Shockingly, this SCTV alum who has appeared in nearly everything else on television has yet to appear in Corner Gas Animated or the original. It is almost disappointing that there is no room for Andrea Martin to have a regular role. Her talents would expand the show’s identity. She does have more voice-over credentials than the majority of industry professionals, appearing across the board from The Simpsons to Kim Possible playing – what must be – well over a hundred unique characters.

Andrea Martin’s limited appearance helped to lift a special episode even higher. Easily, the most exciting thing was the tone of the episode felt different. There were some new settings, some fun had at the character’s expenses, and the plot was a mixed bag of interactions.

Honestly, the show would be much better overall if all the episodes could match the energy of this one. With next week bringing the special Christmas-themed season finale, the show has already done a lot to improve itself from previous years. It is as if the longer Corner Gas is on the air, the better it gets. And hopefully, a fourth season would look a lot like this addition to the collection.


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