First Look!: Tyler, the Creator is Liborg for Axe Cop

Holy hell this is serious now.


Just in case if you didn’t have enough reason to watch Axe Cop when it premiers on FOX July 27th here’s one more. Famed rap artist and big time record producer Tyler, the Creator is officially confirmed as Liborg! Check out the image below!




Yep! Just this alone has me longing for June to get the fuck out of the way and give me Axe Cop now. Tyler isn’t the only one set to star in the series as Patton Oswalt, Rob Huebel, and Nick fucking Offerman are all on board and ready to break hearts. This show has the potential of being the best animated series of the year JUST on name value alone. And if the trailer has anything to say about it, we will all be bowing to AXE COP!

[Weidenfeld’s Twitter]

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