This is what Patton Oswalt ‘s character looks like in ADHD ‘s Axe Cop! Plus more

Find out who Patton Oswalt is playing as when Axe Cop premiers this July on FOX.


Patton Oswalt is in everything…fact. Ever read his IMDB profile?? Its almost as long as Mike Tyson’s list of felonies. Just for cartoons he has voiced characters in The Simpsons, Futurama, you name it he’s done it. Though I’m sure if you were to rank all of his roles, Pat would have to admit THIS is probably by far the weirdest.  Ladies and Gentlemen I give you SOCKARANG



THIS was posted on the Facebook page the other day and yes Patton Oswalt is voicing Sockarang. Also slated to star in Axe Cop is Ken Marino(Wanderlust)  as Flute Cop(left) and VINCENT KARTHEISER(right) as ‘Bat Warthog Man’. And what of Axe Cop?? Well we have a few ideas on who will voice him, but nevertheless July 27th is right around the corner for the world premier of Fox’s ADHD.


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