June 5, 2023

On The Spot

“Why is Archer so good?” w/ input from the cast

Why is Archer so good? This is a question I have been trying to get answers to all season, so whenever the awesome PR team @ FX Networks invites me in on a press conference call, I always listen and the answers the cast gives about the show might surprise some of you, but I think I might have found the answer. After the jump, get a run down of what I thought of this season’s Archer thus far and what I ultimately think is the reason this show is the cream of the crop with excerpts coming from Jon Benjamin(Sterling Archer), Chris Parnell(Cyril), and Aisha Tyler(Lana).

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John “On The Spot”: Response to Cape May Herald “Smutty Network TV Getting Worse”

Not everyone who lives on the Jersey Shore are the same. For instance, the show Jersey Shore features a bunch of retarded kids who were actually neither born nor raised anywhere near the Shore, but instead act as BENNY motherfuckers whenever they come to visit. You would think that’s where stupidity stops, but no, because this guy named Jack Fichter who works for the Cape May Herald wrote an article on how network TV is not family-friendly enough. After the jump, I give him a taste of the REAL shore.

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