English Dub Review: Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table “Immortal in Ethereal Utopia”


Overview(Possible Spoilers):

Some of Krusty’s subordinates have pieced together where he is and what he has been up to. How will they relay this information to everyone? With a puppet show of course! Don’t worry they show what actually happened not just the puppets.

Our Take:

Finally!!! We get some Krusty news. I know everyone is probably tired of me talking about Krusty but we need him back. It just hasn’t felt the same since his departure. He still isn’t back and they leave us on a cliffhanger that part two of the show will be next week, but finally some news!

The downside to how this episode is presented is that we don’t see any fallout from last week’s election episode. I guess we won’t be getting any. I’ll see if anything happens after the Krusty show but if not that is pretty disappointing. The main characters in Akiba are watching a show so this is all flashback stuff involving Krusty.

We learn that Krusty is under a curse called the soul darkness curse which does not let him heal and affects his memories as well. He is on the Chinese server and is stuck on a mountain with a goddess that won’t let him descend. That is until he tricks her with sweets and she offers to accompany him down the mountain.

Krusty isn’t the only one on the Chinese server we get to hear about though. We also hear about Kanami and her party which is traveling east trying to get to Yamato where Shiroe and co. are. I know I have mentioned numerous times how Akatsuki is best girl, and she is but Kanami is like a very close second. She’s just a fun character and her and Shiroe have a history and I can’t wait for them to meet up. Kanami also has the hero Elia Hackblade in her party, he is on the cover art of the game Elder Tale. The world that everyone is currently inhabiting, so he is a pretty big deal.

I mention Elias because as Krusty comes down the mountain he is attacked by that very same hero. It wasn’t quite clear to me why since he was traveling with Kanami so that was a bit frustrating. Elias has a curse of his own where he cannot kill anything, he can only get their HP down to about a quarter remaining. The good news for Krusty, he uses an ability that gets Elias off his back. That’s when the puppet show ends until next week!

This was an interesting episode for me, I was disappointed we haven’t seen anything from the election fallout. However, getting to see two of my favorites in Krusty and Kanami kind of makes up for it. Kanami and crew seem to think the apocalypse(the event that stranded everyone there) originated in the Yamato or Japanese server. Some new plotlines have been introduced so I think they can recover which was a concern of mine last week.

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