English Dub Review: Dragon Ball Super “Protect Supreme Kai Gowasu – Destroy Zamasu!”

“Oooh, what a lovely Tea Party!”

Overview (Spoilers Below)

The episode kicks off with Zamasu delivering Tea to his oblivious Master Gowasu, but is surprised to see the others visiting Universe 10 oncemore, and is quick to recognize the Universe-7 Supreme Kai which raises a lot of questions for Zamasu, but it’s clear that Beerus is making up excuses as he doesn’t want to share their newly discovered suspicions regarding Zamasu’s recent activities right now. After the brief visit, Before they proceed to leave, Whis gives them a parting gift in the form of some pastries and Earth tea from Universe 7 before they secretly going into space to observe them by using Whis’s magical surveillance powers. Elsewhere in the episode, we cut to Goku Black and Future Zamasu who argue about Black’s desire to murder Goku, but Future Zamasu suggests they spare the Sayian since each battle with Goku keeps increasing Black’s power level and suggests that maybe Black should be immortal, Now you’d think he would say yes to this idea as a backup plan of sorts, but strangely enough, Black turns this offer down with the belief that giving him “God Mode” would make his fighting skills sloppy as a result.

We do cut to other characters to see what they’re all up to while the episode feels the need to dance around this particular subplot such as Future Mai her freedom fighters still recovering yet safe in their hideout but are clearly at a disadvantage, Bulma in present Earth is working on time machine repairs, and Future Trunks starts lamenting his failure of not being powerful enough to defeat Black and Zamasu, but his kid/present-self helps get him out of this personal funk and even socks him one in a comedic scene. Back to Universe 10, Beerus & Whis can sense Zamasu’s murderous intent and just know he’s out to kill Gowasu, although Goku and Gowasu seem too good-natured yet oblivious to this but as it turns out. Beerus’ prediction comes true because Zamasu straight-up murders his master despite Goku’s pleas to intercept the bastard, it’s too late. Or at least I thought it would be until Whis uses the same reverse time ability that was utilized during the events of “Ressurection F”. and manage to intercept Zamasu before he could deliver the killing blow and save Gowasu’s ass while stopping Zamasu in a comedic yet effective way involving an oven mitt.


Afterward, Whis and the others then alert Gowasu in regards to Zamasu’s ulterior & sinister motives which consist of stealing his Time Ring and committing mass genocide to every mortal using the Super Dragon Balls. Zamasu is surprised they found out his plan so easily, although Goku points out they’re aware of his plan after encountering Zamasu’s future self, The present version shows how unrepentant he is when he smiles just from knowing that his Twisted ambitions later became a reality. Before the present Zamasu can do anything else, Beerus dispatches him in one blow, but now the question is, what about the future timeline of Trunks? When they later return to Earth, they assure Future Trunks not to worry about Zamasu or Goku Black since one can’t possibly exist without the other. Therefore, Black won’t be created and the present day is safe Beerus’s ruthless by warranted actions. Of course, you’d think the story would be much shorter after this, but Future Trunks has his doubts. The episode ends when Trunks suggests they travel back to his timeline and find out if destroying Present Zamasu made any major positive changes to his future.

Our Take

As previously stated, the world of Dragonball supports the multiverse/alternate timeline theory where timelines are not just a straight line that’s easily altered When interfering with specific events happen, but instead it creates a new timeline with an opposite outcome as opposed to various time travel stories in fiction that claim otherwise. With that in mind, it’s easy for Trunks to assume that his timeline remains unchanged due to the Androids being destroyed in his timeline, while the present, the androids are no longer a threat to anyone.

It must also be heartbreaking for Gowasu to discover that his disciple turned out to be a murderous douche, but I guess it was necessary for Beerus to take action for the sake of millions. The episode excelled the most in tension and suspense while balancing it out with small amounts of humor as exemplified with scenes such as Kid-Trunks giving his Future self some much-needed motivation to get himself out of his defeatist attitude, to Whis using an oven mitt to save somebody’s life.

With Future Trunks pressing the matter of seeing what’s become of his Future after Present Day Zamasu is destroyed, I’m compelled to see this through and find out!


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