Comics Review: Adventure Time #75

A story of a story.

Courtesy: Boom Studios


BMO tells a long tale.

Our Take:

Adventure Time ends with not an adventure, but stories. It’s one story, broken into three parts with three different writers, but all the pieces flow into each other. It’s also a rare frame narrative, with BMO telling a story to a group of people. The main characters of BMO’s stories this time aren’t Finn or Jake, but two new ones: BB and Casey. Casey gets caught up in a diplomatic conflict, and falls for BB in the meantime. Their relationship ends the conflict, and peace between the two kingdoms reigns.

Most stories would end there, but BMO goes a step further. BB is demanding in their relationships and has a certain aesthetic that Casey doesn’t agree with. He isn’t sure how to vocalize it, and ends up massively frustrated. When he does so, he realizes that BB is aware that he’s not into everything, and has set aside a great room for him to have fun in. Instead of breaking off the relationship, it’s solidified, and they get married.

At the wedding, we return to Finn and Jake, specifically Jake’s insecurities. He sees Casey go from being cool to responsible, and is frustrated with that, and his own change. He’s older now, and can’t necessarily do all the things he used to do when he was young, and that gnaws away at him. Finn manages to reassure him that everyone still values him the way he is. That manages to cheer Jake up, and they return.

The people listening to BMO criticizing the story for not having enough fight scenes or adventures. Sure enough, there really isn’t any action beyond Jake initially breaking into the castle roof. What the story focuses more on is the friction and mending of BB and Casey’s relationship, and how they grow from that. It’s not exactly flashy, but it is significant and features one of the core things about the series: the relationships, romantic and platonic, between characters.

This is the last issue of Adventure Time. There will be no more stories in this series beyond what we have. Marceline is frustrated by this turn of events, saying how as soon as it’s the end, that’s it. Nothing more is coming, and that isn’t very exciting. Bubblegum doesn’t agree and says that to her, an ending doesn’t negate the enjoyable experience one had. After all, they had fun, and that can’t be changed. Together, Marceline and Bubblegum fly off, and so the series comes to a close.

The final episode of the TV series hasn’t aired yet. In the meantime, this is a fitting ending for this fun series.


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