There have been a lot of Jim Henson-related ordeals going on and we wanted to make sure we covered them all before the end of the week. After the jump, fans of The Muppets  should be delighted to hear about a new prime time special airing this week, a new web series starring Neil Patrick Harris, and yea Frank Oz was on The Colbert Report. Find out more after the jump

First thing’s first, one-hit wonder and judge on NBC’s The Voice is going to be airing CeeLo’s Magic Moment on Friday, Nov. 30 at 8/7c on TV Guide Network.  According to a press release put out by the now-for-sale television network:

The festive one-hour special was taped in front of a live audience and features songs from CeeLo’s upcoming holiday album along with behind-the-scenes footage and guest performances.  Helping the singer spread holiday cheer are Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the rest of The Muppet gang, who joined CeeLo in a rendition of his new holiday single, “All I Need Is Love.” Cee Lo also performs a duet of “Merry Christmas, Baby” with rock legend Rod Stewart and collaborates with Eric Benet on “Silent Night.

So, yea I’m not going to be watching this as I really don’t care about Cee-Lo Green, but hey some people out there might still like this dude. He was great in the movie Mystery Men, but that was just a cameo done oh so long ago I don’t expect you to remember this.


In related news, the definitely more relative Neil Patrick Harris has a new web sensation on Chris Hardwick’s The Nerdist Youtube channel. The name of the show is called Neil’s Puppet Dreams and the series is already quite a hit getting around 300,000 hits as of this writing after only being posted this past Tuesday. Nerdist sure has been doing a bunch of Muppet-related programming as of late, but I believe this is the first time they have had an original series other than the Muppet that did a bunch of red-carpet interviews. The series is being produced by Henson Alternative and you can check it out below.


Also, Frank Oz, best known as the voice of Yoda as well as a TON of different Sesame Street characters was recently a guest on the Colbert Report. The interview was really well done, and it certainly shines a more positive light  on a brand like Sesame Street that has been battered in the news as of late on the other end of allegations that Elmo puppeteer  Kevin Clash has been sexually assaulting underage children. That said, Frank was on Colbert promoting the Blu-Ray re-release of Little Shop of Horrors starring Rick Moranis and Steve Martin. Check out the interview by watching the whole broadcast of The Colbert Report that aired last night.

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