Bubbleblabber’s Definitive Top Ten International Animated Series of 2018

Chances are, if a show is on this list that has been canceled, then it’s the network’s fault that it got canceled and shouldn’t be a reflection of the producers. It takes a team to win championships, and that applies to the entertainment business as well. These were the 10 Best International Animated Series of 2018. Sound off on the comments with your list if you disagree.



10)  Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans (English Dub)

Another timeline in the mega-franchise of Mobile Suit Gundam comes to an end, and not in the way most might have thought. Compared to its contemporaries, the choices made for the final fates of these characters was pretty outside of the typical Gundam show most had become used to, though it might be more similar to others than some might think. Wholesale slaughters of the ostensible heroes have been seen in OVAs like the lauded 0080: War in the Pocket, and in the noted Char’s Counterattack feature film, though not much in full series like this.

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