APAC: 4 New Aussie Animated Series Arrive on ABC iView

The 2017 edition of Fresh Blood has finally premiered!

As we reported back in April, the latest incarnation of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Fresh Blood initiative included 4 new animated shows as finalists: Ibis Queen, Koala Man, No One Suspected The Cat, and Bin Chickens.

In a move likely intended to coincide with the launch of the network’s partial rebranding as ABC Comedy, all 20 of the Fresh Blood finalists became available to watch on the streaming service iView today. Sadly, each show is currently comprised of just 3 short episodes. However, ABC have pledged to fund full-length pilots of up to 4 shows at a later date, so with any luck, they could end up choosing all of the animated ones (I can dream, right?).

Depending on the success of the sketches and pilots in iView, the network have also indicated that they would consider airing them on broadcast. Since it hasn’t been announced exactly how they’ll measure success, or how the shows that become pilots will be chosen, it’s up to us to sign up, start watching, and spread the word! Seriously, it’s free.

In the meantime, I’ll be providing full season reviews of every animated Fresh Blood finalist on Bubbleblabber shortly.


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