BubbleAUS: “Bin Chickens” Coming to ABCiView; Plus Three Other Programs Announced

A lot of really funny ideas here. Let’s see if they come to fruition.

In America, we don’t have ibises, we have pigeons which is why we have HBO’s Animals. In Australia, however, ibises are a different deal and as such deserve their own series.

Production studio Fresh Blook has revealed details for an upcoming adult animated series heading to ABC iView called Bin Chickens created by Dave Carter and Nick Andronicus and according to production studio,  three episodes are on the way that feature “the animated adventures of three ibises who eat garbage and live life to the max in the jewel in Sydney’s crown, Darling Harbour”.

Not only that, but a multitude of other Australian animated projects are on the way that look really fascinating. Here are some of the development slate:

Producers Melody Ha, Anna Bateman, James Hackett
Directors/Writers Nick Simpson, James Hackett
Synopsis The polar ice caps have melted and the Ibis Queen is a floating cruise ship that offers a world of infinite activities and entertainment. Captain Caveri is the debauched master of misrule on this vessel. She needs to watch her back as diving instructor Numa is trying to recruit the struggling musician Paul to help her sink the Ibis and create an aquatic haven for transgender dugongs.

Producer Doug Bayne
Director Trudy Cooper
Writers David Collins, Rebecca De Unamuno, Carlo Ritchie
Synopsis Three improvisers enter a sound studio, three animated films come out. What will they even be about? We don’t know. Perhaps we never will.

Producer/Director/Writer Michael Cusack
Synopsis Koala Man is about a local suburban superhero with no special powers but a strong and burning passion to snuff out petty crime and bring order to the community. Patrolling the streets in his 91’ Toyota Corolla, Koala Man is constantly on the lookout for trouble makers.

That Koala Man sounds cool. In any case, everything mentioned is being produced and heading to Australia iView later this year. No word on specific premiere dates, but we will let you know once we do.

[Source: Screen Australia]

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