John “On The Spot”: #4 of Animated Shows That Should Come Back

Everyone’s a critic…but there was only one Jay Sherman. From most of the guys who brought you “The Simpsons” came “The Critic” a show about a professional movie reviewer who spent his days sifting through terrible movie after terrible movie.

Howard Stern, Ace Ventura, and the Godfather. Just a small sample who were victims of the dreaded phrase…”It Stinks!” While watching the show, it seemed like it would be total coincidence that I would see a movie or listen to my favorite radio program, and here’s Jay Sherman on ready to help provide a spoof. This alone, is a tactic that every animated show seems to do now, whether it’s Family Guy’s cutaway gags, to South Park’s awesome Matrix spoof, to the impending episode of Cleveland Show with a parody of Die Hard, guess what? “The Critic”, did it first.

And how many times have I written about ABC screwing up animated sitcoms today? I mean, here is “The Critic” a show that was actually GAINING in ratings as the show went on, and after the first season, it gets switched over to Fox. And again, it was doing well, but for whatever reason it was cancelled only to be revived in 2000 as a web only series. However, at that time the majority of everyone on the internet was using DSL still, and streaming video was still a new thing(shit downloading songs was tough enough).

I do think this show should come back, as the ammo he would have today would be awesome. I mean, this past summer alone we had shit movies like Green Lantern and Transformers…and the fact that we don’t have someone today talking about that shit sucks. As a matter of fact, IT STINKS!

John Schwarz

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