English Dub Review: Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence “Frederica’s Bequest”


Giselbert treats Cecilia and the others to a lavish dinner. The next day, Cecilia tours the city with Lawrence. She notices that he isn’t well. He says that his head has hurt since they passed a certain garden—a place that Hazelita will never forget…

Our Take

This episode was a proper introduction to Hazelita’s older brother, Giselbert. Aside from Eric’s funny observation of calling out Gil for having a sister complex, he did prove to be nice and respectful towards everyone visiting the city and offered them the rooms of the mansion that he and Hazelita lived in for a while. Also, when we first heard Frederica’s story back at the beginning of the show it was sad, but now it’s gut-wrenching because we have the full story.
It Got even more emotional when we found out she’s been protecting Gil and Hazelita with her divine protection from beyond the grave. That’s real love. Even in her dying moments, she was thinking of them. And the post-credit scene contributed to the bittersweet feeling of seeing Gil and Frederica together, chatting away happily…

Overall, this episode sold the drama as the proceedings of it were both heartbreaking and beautiful. Getting more of Frederica’s backstory was nice but heartbreaking, the Lady Saint who has been dead since before the show started. I’m glad that Cecilia was able to visit her graveyard and relay to Gil that Frederica has given him and his sister divine protection. Hopefully, this will push Lawrence to make some progress with Cecilia, as life can be too short, and their “date” in town today was really cute, I like the necklace he picked out for her and he finally called her by her name, so there’s hope yet!