English Dub Review: My Tiny Senpai “Isn’t It Time for Good Boys to Go to Sleep?”


The group takes a trip to the hot springs.

Our Take:

Anime generally have either a hot springs episode or a swimsuit episode. This episode decides to cram both into one. Hayakawa suggests a hot springs trip, which everyone else agrees to. They all go swimming, relax in the bath, and enjoy a nice meal together. Katase also gets drunk, so she gives Shinozaki more attention than he expects.

We get more of the show’s usual antics in this episode, but it’s still very entertaining. Shinozaki trying to teach Katase how to swim is a nice scene. It doesn’t go exactly how I expected it to, but that just makes it even better.

Katase getting drunk is also entertaining. Admittedly though, there are some weird scenes that come from this. For example, Katase has Shinozaki lay on her lap while she’s brushing his teeth. That’s a little much, but it’s still funny overall. Hayakawa and Akina add to this as usual. They don’t really have their own scenes together in this episode, but they still offer some great comedic moments.

This episode is also very heavy on the fanservice. That’s to be expected given the fact that this is a hot springs episode. There are plenty of scenes that focus on Katase’s breasts, which again is expected, but I feel like that could have been toned down just a little. Some of these scenes are good for comedic context, but others just feel unnecessary. That aside, this is still a very fun episode. It kind of feels like filler, but in an enjoyable way.