English Dub Review: Smile of the Arsnotoria “Coo coo coo”


Picatrix is trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends from London, so the Pentagrams try to get their hands on bird feathers…

Our Take

After the previous episode I sort of thought they would eventually tie these “Warning” scenes into everything, but they still haven’t. At the very least, the “Warning” segment this time shows a lot more promise. Though it seems tedious to not finally put them together. Unfortunately, the open birdhouse got wrecked, while the treehouse one stayed intact with a sleeping parakeet and one of its feathers to put on Picatrix who’s donning the London hairstyle. But truth be told, as told by her Abramelin, her regular hairstyle was better.

On the subject of hairstyles, I think the girls would look cute with the same style but I guess we’ll have to settle for a hat. The “Tori (bird) Tori” bit was pretty cute. It’s clear that the Pentagram students appreciate birds and want to take care of them around the school. I kinda thought they’d get a lot of birds with the birdhouse but oh well.

Overall, I’m still not sure how I feel about the ‘warning’ messages at this point. I feel like sooner or later, they’ll just push for a big culminating climax, maybe in the final few episodes. Too much of nothing amongst the magical “Pentagram” students seems to overshadow the focus while the “Warning” segments keep creeping their way into certain episodes and not knowing how these two properly connect makes it all the more confusing and incoherent for the audience.