English Dub Review: Smile of the Arsnotoria “– Shh—”


The Pentagram students have to go shopping in the outside world, but some items are out of stock!

Our Take

This time around we get a rare trip outside Ashlam Academy of Magic’s borders for the Pentagram girls, and while there’s more than enough protection to go around for magic, one mantra reminder and the trip goes as intended. The outside world is dangerous, but for these girls, food is all that matters to be regarded well. And even to enter a store to get supplies and do the cleaning in the process from their wonky stealth abilities, it’s still a job done.

While the girls have good magic abilities but they’re seemingly terrible at stealth. How cute they decided to help out as “brownies” (which is a species of Fairy I haven’t heard of since that movie “Willow”.) I also liked how Little how she used her magic to make a big hand to pet the dog. But just like that… we get our “warning” this week. Looks like the use of magic might be tied to these knights. It’s now clear that the Pentagrams’ actions in the past few episodes are being flagged by the evil that is looking for them, and every incessant action will being evil closer to the good. Shows there’re consequences, but just padded for a time until they make their entrance.

Overall, this mostly worked as a passable “fish out of water” episode. As much as the girls were warned not to use magic, they did so anyways to protect the shepherd. And in the same way, use magic to get home. But honestly, the ‘warning’ signs about this so-called “knighthood” is giving ominous red flags and it’s slowly starting to make sense…