Various Reports Have Seth MacFarlane Departing 20th FOX For NBCU




All of the industry rags are reporting on a reported 5-year/$200 million deal that Seth MacFarlane has signed with NBC Universal to produce content for the company’s various networks and streaming services including Peacock and Syfy. We’ve broken it down by the various parties involved so that we can better explain what this means to the television primetime animation industry.


AT&T/Turner Networks

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Adult Swim/TBS are going to be without the linear rights of the 20th Century FOX library which includes Seth’s Family Guy starting next year. However, American Dad appears to be in good shape moving forward as THR  is reporting more seasons are in negotiation which is good because Adult Swim just moved up to the 8 pm ET/PT hour again, and the network needs to stockpile on half-hours to air.

NBC Universal

No animated series are in production just yet for NBC Universal, a media conglomerate with a not very rosy history with primetime animation. Syfy was the company’s latest attempt with a TZGZ block of animated shorts on Saturday Night along with a bunch of linear premieres of VRV/Mondo content. Syfy’s first effort to get into primetime animation flopped with Alien News Desk last year, but Syfy appears to be one of the networks Seth may want to work with on future projects, maybe this is the kind of deal that can help Syfy compete.

20th FOX

Courtesy: FOX

Family Guy and the aforementioned American Dad don’t appear to be in any short-term troubles and this deal isn’t affecting any animated series that are currently in development for 20th Century FOX with Seth. Family Guy is still very important for Seth and he plans on doing the show for as long as he wants.  Family Guy is currently in production for a 19th season.

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