Lucas Bros. Going In Different Direction For Animated Series Collabo With Seth MacFarlane



So, now we can confirm that Lucas Bros. Moving Company is NOT getting a third season. When asked in a recent Q&A about why not, it sounds as though the twin brothers have opted for a different direction for their next go which we’ve already reported will be a new adult animated series collaboration with Seth MacFarlane and 20th Century FOX. From the official Insta of the Lucas Bros:

Our Take

This sounds very exciting. I do think that with today’s cannabis climate it really would be a moot point to do a show where getting high is the pathos in which the episodes come together because  cannabis is way more readily available and such a part of everyday culture that you really can’t get away with the same pot jokes that were told even five years ago and then pass them off as contemporary. So, kudos to Kenny and Keith for wanting to challenge their art and do something else.


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