@Ubisoft: Why you may want to purchase ‘South Park: Stick of Truth’ when it comes out

IGN  gets a statement from Ubisoft as they address upcoming new features in our gaming lives. Could Ubisoft be a dick about used games??We try to figure this all out after the jump.



So, XBone is officially off the DRM and used game polices they were touting at E3. But with the cost of the console still being about $100 more and with fewer original IP’s my cash is going to Playstation 4 (seriously, Last of Us is incredible). That said, IGN.com recently got a statement from Ubisoft about used game policies because while PS4 and XBone still offer up first party used games with no restrictions, third party developers are left up to their own devices on what they want to do.

“We understand that used games provide a value to the person that’s buying this disc,” Ubisoft senior VP of sales and marketing Tony Key told IGN. “For us, we just want to figure out how we all can participate in making that a good thing for everybody. When we have another person with a game from one of our brands, what we have to figure out is, how do we bring them into our family? We have nothing to announce about used games right now. We’re still trying to get our heads around what the first parties are really saying and what they’re going to do.

For me, every game that I have purchased for Playstation 3 this year, with the exception of the most recent Tomb Raider, have been Playstation exclusive titles, but I also adore the Assassin’s Creed  series and am looking forward to the next installment set to release later this year along side two other games I really want, South Park: Stick of Truth and Watch Dogs. All three games are Ubisoft games.

With this in mind, what the Ubisoft VP said certainly concerns me because I sometimes like to buy games used and other times brand new. The three titles I put on my Santa list for this Fall/Winter season I will probably purchase brand-new which is good because if I’m going off what I read in that statement I think Ubisoft is up to something when it comes to letting your friends borrow your games or if you want to go to GameStop and peruse the used titles section for stuff you may have missed.  Could they be implementing their own cash-grabbing strategies with the idea of making you cough up more dough for used games?? If you read between the lines, and the fact that the statement is coming from a sales guy who certainly has a quota to think about, I think decidedly so.

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