Staff And Fans React To Rooster Teeth Layoffs




Welcome to AT&T! Yesterday it was announced by Rooster Teeth that they have let go of 13% of their staff in what appears to be a cost-cutting maneuver. Rooster Teeth CEO Matt Hullum has posted an announcement in regards to the changes, and already fans are lining up with pitchforks claiming that the digital media company had lost it’s way.

It isn’t like Rooster Teeth hasn’t had a good year. As Matt notes in his letter, the streaming service had a successful launch for gen; Lock and this year will see the return of RwBy for a seventh volume. He also notes that content from the company is heading to HBO MAX and other platforms which further cements my hypothesis that Rooster Teeth’s streaming service will probably end in the not-so-distant future leaving the company to really just be a production studio arm for the behemoth that is their parent company.

For those that don’t know, HBO MAX is AT&T’s upcoming streaming service set to rival the likes of Disney+ and Netflix. The service is slated to launch sometime next year with confirmations of content coming from the aforementioned Rooster Teeth, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, and a slew of other AT&T brands. In what could only be seen as an untimely decision now, Rooster Teeth had just announced a panel for RwBy happening at NYCC 2019 next month.


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