John”On The Spot”: Some Cunt on FOX Business News thinks the Muppets are communists

I didn’t know this happened until I watched the Daily Show last night, but apparently the host of this show AND some bitch named Andrea, accused the Muppets of being communist and teaching young children that being a successful businessman is against the law. Luckily I have to give props to Caroline Heldman who I think held her own and did her best to state her case(which I thought was 100% honest) only to have that loud mouth bitch interrupting her every 5 seconds.

And I have to side with Caroline here, you can call it “Liberal Hollywood” but I think its about time we take advantage of people that can communicate with a wide-range of different audiences and teach our children right from wrong which is exactly what the Muppets movie does. My favorite part was when Andrea felt that the homeless character that was introduced on Sesame Street was a bad message to kids. REALLY? When was the last time you went to a soup kitchen? I can’t see how during this holiday season, where we are supposed to be thinking about keeping the less fortunate warm, and fed, that this woman can (somehow) get on the air and claim that teaching kids about helping the homeless is a bad thing!  Whatever bitch…kudos to the host for name-dropping Captain Planet and The Matrix. Don’t worry though, there’s a lot of people out there and most of them love puppets!

John Schwarz

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