Shorts Review: RWBY – Volume 3, World of Remnant 2

In a narrative, there will always be a bit of exposition but the unspoken rule of “Show, don’t tell” is usually a standard rule that should go without saying but it can’t always be followed and something will have to be explained at least a bit. There is a limit to how much visual information can be processed.


So RWBY has once again jumpstarted another “World of Remnant” after It’s Brawl in the Family and this time it delves into the integral role that Huntsmen & Huntress’s play and even gave us the specific names & locations of the 4 academies inter-cut with random & colorful storybook-like imagery. Also while it establishes a separation between school & kingdom, why is Atlas classified as a defunct academy apart from the other Hogwarts-style ones and yet a it’s a Military Force with an overcompensating General like Ironwood? (Click the Image for the Kingdom & School Names.)

Map 2

And from what we can also gather, the reason student’s are grouped into teams is to ensure a “continual development of communication, empathy and teamwork.” At least this explains why they have a team system to begin with otherwise it wouldn’t be RWBY without one and in many ways helps with social skills. 😛

(Weiss for example is learning to be alittle tolerant towards Faunus after learning that Blake is one at the end of the Season 1.)

RWBY Imagery

Since the previous “World of Remnant” What happened to Jen Taylor’s narration? Don’t get me wrong, I love Ozpin and these World of Remnant episodes are definitely awesome, but I’m just curious if it’s plot related or not and I’m also left interested in knowing who the mysterious Yellow and Purple figures were supposed to represent in the episode?


If I remember correctly straight from Rooster Teeth, I heard there’s going to be five of these, and twelve RWBY episodes. The first one came out before any of the episodes, (which can be found when you click here) making four. What this suggests is that we’ll be seeing them every 3 episodes or so but while these 2-3 minute shorts answer a few questions within RWBY’s universe, they only raise even more. Also the art style and animation are both beautifully done in terms of presentation at the time I’m writing this. Major props to Rooster Teeth and I hope they do a consistently good job with each episode & season. 🙂



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