Review: RwBy “It’s Brawl In The Family”

So after waiting a solid week from Rooster Teeth and one short trailer assuring us it’d be released November 14 from a Podcast they had, We finally get Episode 3 of Season 3 Simply titled “It’s Brawl In The Family” which according to Rooster Teeth, Barbara Dunkleman (The voice of Yang) picked the name for the episode. 😛

And now Spoilers…

Winter 2

Picking up where the last episode let off which ended with a white aircraft landing in the Colliseum, Winter Schnee (Voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell of Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail Fame.) is finally introduced and is more of an “Ice-Queen” than Weiss ever was in the last two seasons Displaying more of Weiss’s Bitchy Strict attitude only Cranked to 50.


Winter says to Weiss that her purpose and how long she’s staying in the Tournament Coliseum are both “Classified” and then proceed’s assume that “Weiss will Fail miserably” but just when Weiss tries to tell Winter about her academic success, Winter Bitch-slap’s Weiss and say’s she doesn’t care about her grades but how she’s been lifestyle-wise. (eating properly, hobbies, friends Ect.)

Granted the slap does seem more like a twitch reaction, which could indicate domestic abuse is a terrible standard there, and further prepetuates the whole “Being Rich brings out the worst in you” Mantra. Weiss has hinted at it before. However, underlying the now true Ice Queen’s outward actions did seem to be a hint of affection. I’m not condoning her actions, but still, Winter may at some level actually care for Weiss outside of simply how she represents the family yet at the same time makes part of me feel bad for Weiss who’s obviously blinded by how toxic & dysfunctional this seemingly is.

Winter briefly meets Ruby before asking to meet Ironwood & Ozpin but since she showed up early wants to go to Weiss’s Dorm room and Winter comically reveals that she doesn’t know what a “Bunk-Bed” is. 😛

Afterwards in a first-person view, some Atlas Robot Troopers that were following Weiss & Winter get systematically picked-off behind Winter and it’s finally revealed to be Ruby & Yang’s snarky-yet likable drunkard Uncle Qrow!


He comically pushes Weiss aside before antagonizing Winter by calling her a “sellout just like your boss.” (Ironwood) and sarcatically points out how inefficient their Atlas robots are which escalates to an intense battle between the two.

Qwrow 4

Ruby curiously runs up to the public commotion of their battle and at first is shocked that someone would attack Winter before seeing the attacker and screams with comedic glee “That’s my Uncle!” while in the background Mercury briefly notices the battle and you see how intense they both are moving at Blindly fast speeds akin to something you’d see on DragonballZ while revealing that Winter has a “Glyph”-Semblance like her younger sister and Qrow has a Semblance similar to his other Niece Yang where he can also absorb the Damage & Impact of strikes inflicted on him and use it to make him stronger.

The adults (Qrow & Winter Inparticular) fight on a level completely different from the kids which Makes me wonder how further skilled our favorite Beacon students are going to get when shit get’s more real than before.


They both proceed to higher-ground atop some pillars revealing their weapons in action with Qrow’s sword having 3 abilities. Instead of two weapons in one like most of the students we’ve seen, It’s a sword that’s also a shotgun and opens into Scythe that he only use’s as a “Trump Card” of sorts while Winter uses two uniquely designed Katana’s that have Saber Handles on them.


They go back to normal ground and Winter uses some sort of “Laser-Bird” Trick which only mildly annoy’s Qrow and at first Qrow was about to use his “Trump-Card” but then puts down his weapon and simply antagonizes her with a smirk then Winter takes charge at him with her Glyph abilities building up speed with a look on her face that she’s out for blood before Ironwood Yells “Winter!” and tells her to “stand-down” with Penny behind him.Winter 11

The Fight Ends with Ironwood Scolding Winter for attacking first and before Ironwood can ask Qrow what he’s doing here, Ozpin & Glynda show up to break the commotion and as they leave with Winter, Penny briefly waves hi to Ruby & Weiss before leaving.


Endearing 2

Ruby hugs onto Qrow and it’s both a fun & endearing scene before Ozpin calls to see him while Glynda uses her wand to undo the damage they both inflicted upon the scenery of their battle and the 3 meet with Ironwood via Elevator in Ozpin’s private office to talk business with a fun little exchange between Ironwood & Qrow:

Ironwood: If you were one of my men, I’d have you shot”.

Qrow: “If I was one of your men, I’d shoot myself.” (HA!)

Qwrow 10

Wait, did the General just reveal that Execution is a standard form of punishment for public altercations that Ironwood casually let’s slip? WTF is going on in Atlas?

And Glynda revealing that “He’s always Drunk” and Qrow just casually drinks from his flask further bringing out a fun yet calm Jack Sparrow-Like Swaggar about him. 😛


Qrow tells him his business saying he has Information about “Their Enemy” and Ironwood order’s Winter to leave but not before Qrow gives a small wink at her. (You suave bastard!)

Winter 20

After she leaves Qrow complains about how he’s been putting his life at risk for weeks while they’re fully aware the Enemy has Infiltrated Beacon and Qrow points out that the enemy is also responsible for “Autumn’s Condition” (Indicating that there was a partner of his named Autumn whom at some point was Injured or incapacitated during their mission which only leaves more mystery to further unravel as the plot keeps going.)

Qrow also reveals that he’s been doing secret undercover missions for a long time, It’s cool that for once we get more insight on a “Black-Op’s-style protect the world group” within the world of RWBY which is revealed to be called the “Inner-Circle”.

Ironwood puts his Smartphone down on Ozpin’s Desk which connects to a holographic display and on his computer showing a 3D-diagram of all the fleet’s that have surrounded the Floating Coliseum and Talk’s about how Atlas Tech is superior in stomping out the enemy with a very subtle speech about how the enemy will “fear them when they see them”.

Ironwood 3

Qrow then Insults Ironwood for how Unsubtle his Atlas Troopers are in terms of Tournament Security and warns them about a “She” who’s much more dangerous than they anticipate.

Whoever “she” is, Qrow made it sound like it was someone he had known for a long time and had a vendetta against. Also, this person has to be influential and intimidating enough that the General brought this huge fleet, it has to be more than just Cinder and her underaged brigade.

Ozpin Raises the question “If this is the size of our defenses, what is it we’re expecting to fight?”

Ironwood briefly picks up his Cellphone with a Queen Chess-Piece symbol popping up on the screen seconds before he picks it up. and Ozpin suggest’s to him “We’ll find our Guardian”.


The scene cuts back to Mercury reporting what he saw to Cinder describing Qrow  saying to her that he “Smelled like my dad after a long day.” (I chuckled at that line.) and Cinder says they’ll resume their plan since nobody knows who to look for and reveals the virus they launched has a new Access point (Ironwood’s Phone.) and proceed’s to prepare their next battle for tomorrow’s “Doubles Round” by fixing Emerald & Mercury to go against Coco and Daichi from Team CFVY and then it cuts to the actual Tournament with Cinder’s Fixed Tournament arrangement.

Ironwood 2



This scene is of course meant to show the virus Cinder put into their system, hence her explaining that they found a new access point and being able to decide the match-up for the next round. We finally cut to the Next day with Cinder’s fixed Battle as she’s in the audience slowly clapping like Joker did in “The Dark Knight” and then it Cuts to Black.


Minor Note:

If your unfamilar with the Queen Chess-Piece Symbol, It’s a minor call-back to Vol. 2, As Cinder uploaded a Virus of sorts at the Beacon computer system’s during the Dance Dance Infiltration Episode which is seemingly now taking effect with Cinder manipulating the Tournament Match-up’s. Theoretically it’s a virus she planted that could be a backdoor to all of Atlas’s tech. When she talks about her “Clever little friend” I think she’s referring to Torchwick, who is still under Atlas custody. Ironwood maybe arrogant in flaunting his mechanical toys around but doesn’t seem like the type of person who would purposely betray his kingdom while fan-theories all over Tumblr claim otherwise.


As from what we’ve heard, Ironwood & Ozpin have been friends for a long time and Ironwood’s Robo-Trooper’s surrounding the populated coliseum as security could be a foreboding recipe for disaster.



The new characters are awesome so far but Qrow stole the show for me.  The way the story is developing is great and we’re finally getting closer to understand what’s really happening and where everyone stands.

The character designs for Winter and Qrow are fantastically designed I’m really loving how much the world of RWBY is coming to life 😀 I also love how the relationship between Winter and Qrow is like the relationship Wiess and Ruby had at the beginning only with much more Animosity. 😛

However Winter’s Upper-Class Bitch attitude is abit inconsistent at times. (For example she goes from “you’re an embarrassment Weiss” to “naw I don’t care about your grades, how’s your well being? Wanna show me around?”)

The truly scary bit about the way Ironwood flaunts his Atlas fleet is that it’s a giant recruitment ad against The White Fang. It gives people a boogeyman to point the finger at for radicalizing Fanus “that fleet is filled with soldiers ready to stomp down on your rights as people” and it gives them a badge of honor to use to recruit those people “Look at that fleet, its there because they fear us”.

Torchwick did a similar speech back in season 2 at his White Fang rally giving voice to their grievances in an echo chamber setting and then convinced them they can do something about it by joining their cause.

Compared to the previous Volumes, Volume 3’s action sequences at the time of this review are very “In-Your-Face” with the close up shots and angles, but it’s still noticeably rough around the edges. I know that as time goes on it’ll get progressively smoother, but the whole stop and go feeling is off-putting; it’s not as fluid/seamless as before. This new style can really work, but right now it’s new so we’ll have to wait and see how it develops. I can’t wait to see how things shape up in the next few episodes!


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