SDCC2019 Recap: WarnerMedia Flexes DC, Cartoon Network, and More

With it being Comic-Con, one would expect this would be the place to drop numerous announcements and trailers if you are DC Entertainment and if you thought that you are 100% correct because that’s exactly what happened. And it wasn’t just DC that WarnerMedia brought with it either. Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and more all had strong panels and here’s what we learned.

The next two premieres from Cartoon Network that we are most excited about are Infinity Train starting on August 5th and Steven Universe The Movie coming September 2nd.

Actually, the first episode of Infinity Train you can watch right now on the Cartoon Network App, but for fans at Comic-Con, we saw the first minute of the show that you can also see below. Steven Universe was a tad more intense. We got a live musical performance of “True Kinda Love”, a first-look at the Behind the Scenes documentary that will be on the movie DVD and a new trailer that revealed the premiere date of September 2nd on Cartoon Network (no time yet which is odd).



DC Entertainment has announced three new animated feature films to release in 2020, Superman: Red Son, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, and Superman: Man of Tomorrow have all been announced. Superman: Red Son is the animated adaptation of the Elseworlds tale from the great Frank Miller that sees Superman becoming the beacon of trust and light for the Russians with American Lex Luthor tasked to be the hero. Justice League Dark: Apokolips is the sequel to the animated feature film that features Swamp Thing, Constantine, Zatanna, and others this time around visiting the planet of the New Gods.

DC is making up for a lack of a Batman movie coming next year with additional information about the animated shorts that will be included in both the home releases as well as the DC Universe streaming service. Along with the premiere of Batman: Hush, we got to learn more about DC Universe’s upcoming slate which includes animated shorts Sgt. Rock, Adam Strange, Death, The Phantom Stranger and an adaptation of Batman: Death in the Family. We also got news of a fourth season renewal for Young Justice: Outsiders  and a full reveal for Harley Quinn coming this Fall starring Kaley Cuoco in the lead role who you can see below:

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