SDCC2019 Recap: Adult Swim Hits Grand Slam With “Rick and Morty”, “Robot Chicken”, and “Primal” Panels

A slimmer lineup, but still potent.

Yes, FOX brought the fireworks, but Adult Swim’s bringing the bacon. The WarnerMedia network had multiple panels on Friday and kinda has one more on Saturday with Final Space creator Olan Rogers doing a sold-out screening of an upcoming episode with a table read. Here are the important news and reaction from each of the panels with insight.



Robot Chicken had a very impressive trot out of cast and crew featuring the likes of Donald Faison, Breckin Meyer, and of course cast and crew of the show to talk about the upcoming tenth season set to premiere on September 29th. One of the more surprising guest appearances this upcoming season that I guess isn’t happening is that the producers asked Ryan Reynolds to reprise his role as Deadpool in an upcoming episode but due to contractural reasons they couldn’t. Fortunately, they have a bunch of other guest stars on the way, most of which we knew about already.


Rick and Morty panel didn’t have a ton of news, but I do think it’s ridiculous that Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have to answer questions about “delays”. The fucking show is on the exact same every two-year timeline that every other Adult Swim series is on, let the guys make the fucking thing and don’t worry about it. In any event, we are assured that ten episodes will begin premiering in November for Adult Swim and we can expect a bunch of guest stars (not Kanye West this go ’round, but maybe next season) including Taika Waititi who you can see below in the role of “Glootie” who gets roughed up at the hands of Morty.

Another note from the upcoming season, don’t expect the show to be as serialized as the show’s third season. Another Rick and Morty panel will be had at the Adult Swim on the Green event on Saturday, we’ll try and get more info from that.


Possibly the most jaw-dropping premiere at Comic-Con 2019, Genndy Tartakovsky’s no-dialogue/but super violent Primal showcased and it did NOT disappoint. The best way to describe the show is if Jurassic Park and Samurai Jack had a baby and out came Primal. It’s visceral, exquisitely produced, and won’t air during Toonami which was something that Genndy didn’t want anyway. Here’s a new clip, we’ll get more info at the follow-up panel happening for Primal on Saturday at Adult Swim on the Green.

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