Review: We Bare Bears “Hot Sauce”

How far would you go for the sauce?

Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

A quest for a preferred favorite hot sauce brand called “Sir-Cha-Cha” causes the Bears to get involved in a dangerous police sting operation after learning the hard way not to purchase back-alley goods…

Our Take

This episode’s humor excelled in terms of how weirdness, but based on observation, there seems to be this recurring joke throughout the entire series ever since the first episode, and the later episode Pigeons that in some form or another, the Bears often encounter a flock of shady birds called the “Pigeon Cartel” partaking in some random criminal activity.

Aside from the randomness of the police surrounding the Bear’s cave-house and somehow knowing they bought anything from them at all, I think what also made the jokes hilariously work would have to be specific references to hip-hop culture, including a piece of background music that sounds eerily close to the Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg’s tune “The Next Episode” that’s played as an entrance theme for their leader “Boss Pigeon” and his particular cartel which compared to past episodes, isn’t the same flock that gave them trouble before.

For a well-organized cartel of birds, It seems oddly specific that they’d benefit from just hot sauce alone, or that the Bear’s sting disguises looked hilariously out of place when it comes to being inconspicuous.

Overall, “Hot Sauce” was a fun episode that managed to find new & clever ways to bring back a recurring antagonist of sorts, while keeping the proceedings anchored in a level of reality that’s easy for the audience to digest. It kinda makes you wonder if Daniel Chong (the show’s creator) has some kinda grudge against pigeons in general, or if the recurring twist of them being crime-oriented is simply played for laughs?


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