Review: The Simpsons “Homer is Where Art Isn’t”

Bill Hader kills it in this retro style episode.

Overview (Spoilers):

After an art auction goes wrong for Homer, a $15 million painting goes missing.  There is only one man to call, Manacek, played by Dick Pompeii, played by Bill Hader.  The freelance insurance inspector is like a 1970’s detective, and the episode gets a fitting theme.

Manacek questions everyone that bid on the painting during the auction including Ms. Megan Matheson, played by Cecily Strong, and Mr. Burns.  However, all signs point to Homer as the guilty thief.  It is up to his family to flashback the story of how Homer grew to love this post-modern abstract painting.

The fantastic 1970 style, womanizing freelance insurance inspector he is, Manacek solves the case without breaking a sweat.  It turns out there are more guilty parties then you thought, including the least likely suspect and a case of identical twin security guards.

Our Take:

Manacek may have found his place as one of the best guest appearances in The Simpsons history.  Bill Hader does a spectacular job of voicing a 70′ detective with all the cheesy pick-up lines.  Allowing the episode to center around the freelance insurance inspector was like watching a Simpsons version of Matlock or Cosby Mysteries, shows that may no longer be relevant, but have a classic formula that works.

I would watch a spin-off series about Manacek.  Treating women with respect is a pretty serious matter these days, but it can be funny to see where we were just a few short decades ago.  Manacek has all the lines for lesbians to dedicated wives; he has no shame.  The best joke was when Marge calls him out for having “a lot of lines,” and he responds by saying she could too, after a night on his “corduroy sheets.”

Homer being obsessed with a piece of art may seem like a stretch, and of course, it was only necessary for the plot, but I always love when he and Lisa can connect.  The daddy-daughter storylines are always good for melting the heart.  Unfortunately, whenever they team up like this, things always end up going too far.

With a clever formula, show-stealing guest stars, and a joke-filled script, this was probably the best episode of the season.  From a quick start to an end with hilarious answers to the mystery, it was enjoyable front to back.  This was a great way to pick back up after the Olympic break, and I hope it is a sign of how the season will finish through.


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