Review: The Loud House “Pasture Bedtime; Shop Girl “

You can’t sleep when it’s Loud.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Pasture Bedtime

Liam’s throwing a barnyard banger of a sleepover with Lincoln, Clyde, Rusty, and Zach who are also invited to a pool party with Girl Jordan and the guys really want to go to both, but don’t want to hurt Liam’s feelings. They make a valiant effort in balancing the two, but eventually get their comeuppance and realize they should never have left the barn.

Shop Girl 

Leni loves to shop but she’s such a pushover that it worries her sibling who opts to help her by showing her how to be more assertive. Unfortunately, none of it works anyway, but it doesn’t matter because Leni learns that being nice all the time has its rewards too.

Our Take

This week’s dual episodes featured a common theme of just being “you” which is as strong as a moral as ever these days. Of the two, “Pasture Bedtime” was a tad more cliche, but both episodes were solid in their delivery. There are so many characters in this show, you can go full seasons using a couple characters an episode and get something completely different every time. For my money, I prefer my The Loud House to be 22-minute episodes instead of the two shorter ones, but dual episodes with a common theme suffice just as well.


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