Review: The Adventures of Kid Danger “Mad Wax”

Don’t get mad…

Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

While being honored at the Celebrity Wax Museum, Captain Man and Kid Danger are attacked by an army of angry Celebrity Wax figures who cause havoc and must put a stop to their destructive antics.

Our Take

Much of this episode is a series of action/comedy setpieces that are carefully tied together, but the episode’s actual plot starts to pick up when a precocious little girl named Quinn brings Wax figures to life through the power of bullshit science in combination with one of the dumbest professions I’ve ever heard called “Waxidermy” to get petty revenge towards the Superhero Duo over some grudge, and many of the wax figures obviously parody celebrities in some form or another.

The action was decently paced, but for a kids show, it really tries too hard to make it’s audience suspend their disbelief, especially scenes such as a Horse climbing up a helicopter Ladder, or the fact that a restaurant drive-thru accommodates helicopters. but at least it attempts to be fun in places during the proceedings.

I think where the episode shined the most aside from the celebrity parodies and visual gags were near the end when Kid Danger figured out a quick solution to fix the problem, though it’s an obvious solution that doesn’t require too much thought other than what we know about Wax in general.

Overall, “Mad Wax” was nowhere near as bad as the last episode, but it’s pretty damn bizarre with its idea of wax figures coming to life, and the ending itself while you think would lead one direction, plays with your expectations in a way that makes the Duo come off as both unlikable and unsympathetic in terms of their attitude towards Quinn.


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