Review: The Adventures of Kid Danger “Snooze Pods”

“Dream Power!”

Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

When Jasper becomes trapped in his own dream scenario through a bizarre invention Schwoz created called a “Snooze Pod”, it’s up to Captain Man and Kid Danger to bring him back when things go out of control.

Our Take

During the proceedings of the episode, many of the characters subject themselves in a series of comedic scenarios while stuck in their desired dreamworlds within the creation of Schowz’s Snooze-Pods which in a nutshell are designed to give the individual “8 hours of sleep under 5 mins”. Of course, things go wrong when the plot twist regarding a design flaw the snooze pods have is so contradictory & contrived, It makes your head hurt thinking about it.

The Dreams themselves that Henry, Ray, and Jasper willingly partake in may seem comedic on paper, but come off cringe-worthy in execution. Especially Ray’s dream that felt the need to plug another Dan Schneider (The creator of this series) Nickelodeon show that’s long ended it’s run.

I think what stole the show for me the most, was who they got to guest star in Ray’s Dream, while Henry’s dream was funny but a little disturbing in terms of a comedic twist, and the Dream Jasper was stuck in was pretty lame given the scenario and choices he picked.

Overall, given that this show is based on a live-action Nickelodeon series that’s as limited to its budget as a Power Rangers episode, It makes sense that they’d use animation to explore the monumental possibilities a low-budget show can’t achieve. And given that anything can happen in a dream, you’d think being stuck in a dream world would explore some of these possibilities, but the ideas themselves feel squandered for the sake of low-brow jokes like “Skunks with Wings”.


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