Review: Pig Goat Banana Cricket “Hotel It on the Mountain”

Coming down the mountain!

Spoilers Below

The roommates open a hotel to help pay the bills or they’re gonna be out on their asses by the next day.

Pig is the bellboy and greets Angry Old Raisin as the first paying customer, but we can’t get Raisin’s shit up into his room for quite a bit. We eventually complete the task and Angry Old Raisin’s mom throws a party to help celebrate.

Goat is the chef and Calvin Clam is her first customer. Problem is, Goat can’t cook, so Cricket gives her a cookbook to help out with recipes. The cookbook doesn’t help at all and ends up in the garbage disposal leading Goat to serve a PB&J sandwich that apparently is literally mind-blowing.

Banana is the hotel manager and the President of the World is his first guest. The President has one simple request, for Banana to take care of his baby aka the VP of the Planet while he naps or the place is gonna be shut down. Unfortunately, the baby heads upstairs and into the President’s room while he’s sleeping leading to a cat-and-mouse game of one getting the other to be as quiet as possible. Fortunately, Banana completes his job, and the President appears to be a happy pup.

Cricket is the maid and he has to clean up the place before a conference comes to town. To help, he launches a Robo-Maid that is anything but Rosie from The Jetsons. Cricket launches a second robot and this one steals the vacuum and the third one heads to a party with other robots. Cricket decides to join the party with the rest of his pals but then Pig causes the hotel to blow up.

The roommates aren’t able to put up the bill, but we find out that it was Angry Old Raisin’s house that is in danger of default and not theirs…whoops!

Our Take

I much prefer the episodes when all four parts of the plot have to lead to a common goal because it makes for a fun and enjoyable episode of Pig Goat Banana Cricket. I think by far the funniest of the bits was Banana’s, with maybe Pig’s being a close second, however, how often is it that we get an episode where every part ends in a happy ending?

James Adomian’s President of the World needs his own show, and maybe so does Angry Old Raisin, they are the two best ancillary characters in the franchise. You gotta love the Looney Tunes / Ren & Stimpy DNA in this series because when it shows up, it shows up in droves i.e. Pig’s rocket or Clam eating his own foot.

Good stuff.


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