Fugget About It returned last night with an all new episode! Was it worth checking out? Read on to find out!

In “Spicy Apocalypse” In an effort to raise money to send Petey to an underwater science school, Jimmy sells a formula Cheech invented for spice neutralizer to Wheatthin. When the formula is stolen, the family must investigate the crime and find the culprit.

This was an excellent episode for Fugget About It. If I could sum up the season so far in one word, that word would be: fine. There have been way more good episodes than bad, but it’s seemed for the most part, very standard. For me, this episode fixes that problem. Introducing elements into the story that help spice up the episode is never a bad idea.

In this episode we see that Cheech may be smarter than others give him credit for and a mystery the family needs to solve. It’s an extremely fun watch. The writing is hilarious and it’s just a very refreshing episode for the show at this point in the season.

Overall, this was a very good episode. There isn’t much to say about it this week, only that the elements that made Fugget About It great in the first place are here in full force. There isn’t one negative that comes to mind that took away from my enjoyment of the episode. I still think that the family visiting Cuba was my favorite episode of the season thus far, but this is probably a close second.