Review: Corner Gas Animated “Flush Photography”

The sewage system in Dog River gets backed up, and things get… poopy.


Brent gifts Wanda’s son a box of those grow-in-water sponge alligators for his birthday.  I guess Wanda thought they were a pretty crappy gift because she disposes of them down the toilet.  Of course, they end up backing up the sewage system for the whole town.  With the mayor off on vacation, there is only enough money in the city’s budget for one portable potty for everyone to share.

Wanda is well aware that she is responsible for the back-up and sets out to hunt the sewer alligators.  Meanwhile, Lacey is ecstatic to find out that Corner Gas/Ruby’s Diner is hooked up to a separate septic tank, meaning that they have their own private bathroom.  She feeds Brent in order to keep it a secret until Wanda comes and spoils their secret.

With Lacey and Brent now helping Wanda to fix the sewer as quickly as possible, Brent has the solution to their problem. Unfortunately, Wanda is stuck in a pretty messy situation as the back-up is remedied.

Our Take:

This episode starts with a special appearance from Sarah McLachlan which leads into the best opening sequence of the series thus far. Actually, this episode is full of great moments and has elevated an already decent show into something great.

Hank, of course, uses the opportunity of the town’s troubles for his own get rich quick scheme, a portable bathroom on the back of his truck which he dubs, PUBER.  It is great when they use the show’s most humorous character in such a manner. While Wanda’s storyline is fitting for her role as well, the plot lent itself to some pretty clever puns like how she “croc-blocked” the whole town.

This was the first episode that truly used all of the cast in one specific storyline which made for a great show.  By putting the town in a desperate situation, like having one bathroom to share, it opened the doors for the writers to blend a great show together. Each character involved was used perfectly for the situation.  It honestly felt like the series best episode of the season.  I would be happy to see many more shows just like this one, and if they keep this winning formula, the animated series could run as long as the original series which had over 100 episodes.


Jesse Bereta

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