Review: Bob’s Burgers “V for Valentine-detta”

“I’ll smell you in hell.”

Overview (Spoilers Below):

Valentine’s day has arrived, but Jimmy Jr. has dumped Tina for someone new. In an effort to cheer her up, Linda and Louise take her on a trip through town with limo driver Nat. Meanwhile, Bob and Gene get stuck on a couples’ trapeze date together.

Much to Louise’s enjoyment, things get crazy when the ladies decide to teach Jimmy Jr. a lesson by crashing his date. Ultimately, though, Tina realizes that her jealousy was driving her to extremes, and she learns that you can’t go wrong if you spend Valentine’s Day with people you truly love.

Our Take:

Does mid-January seem a bit early for a Valentine special? Maybe! But am I complaining about getting a brand new episode of Bob’s Burgers? No! This episode is definitely one of my favorites of season 8, complete with clever jokes and fun character moments. (Teddy only appears briefly, but his plan to ‘catch up’ on Law & Order by marathon-ing 400 episodes is pure genius.) The addition of limo driver Nat to the female Belcher’s usual dynamic is very welcome. Louise gets the night of her life, eagerly caught up in the eccentric woman’s zany conspiracies, violent payback plans, and collection of inactive war weapons.

Gene and Bob’s plot allowed their father/son bond to be shown off in a way not many other episodes have nailed. While Louise is definitely the child closest in personality to Bob, Gene and his dad share the same willingness to try new things… as long as they can go home and watch TV afterward!

Also, Bob’s suit looked snazzy.



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