Review: 12 oz Mouse “Invictus”


Overview (Spoilers Below)

It’s been almost 12 years since we’ve seen any signs of 12 oz Mouse and quite frankly the 22-minute announced special picks up where things left off, more so hearkening back to the back half of the final season where we get a head-tripping tale about our fabled mouse dying and then subsequently having to be brought back to life through a high tail adventure that sees us mow through a city made out of pizza boxes. Fortunately, we get him back, but Mouse decides to get a little revenge on a HUGE character before the end of the show and then we cut to an end credits theme song by Amaranthe.

Our Take

My level of impressiveness regarding Matt Maiellaro’s end credits song selection non-withstanding, 12 oz Mouse returns with a batshit crazy 22- minutes that more than deliver for fans. The special features the same simplistic yet charming look that kept the show on for two seasons and still resonates with fans to this day. That twist ending is the type of good stuff that 12 oz Mouse probably doesn’t get enough credit for, with the franchise being one of the better-written shows in the history of Adult Swim’s various other intellectual properties and that plays out the same here. I was a tad confused at first at the alternate voice actors for the principal cast (it gets cleared up slightly, but will probably require multiple viewings to get the full comprehension), but the ride was so much fun and I just enjoyed seeing all the characters again so much that it didn’t bother me. If it were me, I would’ve picked someone other than Seth Green just because he’s in all of the TV shows already and as such would’ve gone with an alternative that hasn’t been used as much. Still though, a fairly minor gripe for what is by far the best treat for Halloween you’re gonna get all month.


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