Report: Daniel Weidenfeld To Be FOX Entertainment Head of Animation



The one and only Daniel Weidenfeld is headed to FOX Entertainment to be the SVP and head of animation and quite frankly FOX could not have picked a sweeter sweetheart to do just that. Dan, brother of Hulu’s head of animation Nick Weidenfeld, has a laundry list for a resume of quality programming to his name including China IL, Lazor Wulf, and a bunch of others which makes Dan the perfect fit for FOX’s growing animation business.

This, along with buying Bento Box, is the latest in a string of moves FOX Entertainment is making to ensure that their already formidable Sunday Night Animation Domination lineup is solid for years to come. What this means for Dan’s future for a potential second season of Adult Swim’s Lazor Wulf is unknown at the moment.

[h/t: Deadline]

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